ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Developing your Large Multifamily Knowledge...
The First Blog.
Part 1.
WHAT'S tHIS ABOUT: Our UNSHAKEABLE FOCUS on LARGE MULTIFAMILY and how that has allowed us to STRENGTHEN our foundation and our family. (And fitness too... Because it's good for you...)
Hi there!!! This is Pili Yarusi and I am SOOOOOOO THRILLED to be writing again and writing about what I LOVE! FOCUS in Large Multifamily Real estate has allowed Jason and I to build a solid and strong Foundation for US and our Family to THRIVE!!! If you follow us then you also know that we are SERIOUS about our Health and well being and are always striving to create a healthier lifestyle and path for ourselves and our three children!

So... WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG!!! These first four Blogs will be a series entitled "Focus. Foundation. Family. Fitness." Notice that I say NOTHING about REAL ESTATE. Yep. We will touch on it because... IT'S THE BEST... but honestly... if you don't have these other items solid... it doesn't matter what terms I teach you or information I regurgitate from people smarter than I am. You won't have a solid enough Focus to GROW and become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!

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The Real Estate Investing Foundation Podcast
Monday through Friday... Our podcast serves as a platform to help others strengthen their foundations to achieve their dreams. We will provide a roadmap to wealth and success through real estate by providing the steps (and missteps) we are taking to get there. We will also feature amazing advice and feedback from top industry professionals about why they started investing and how they built their businesses from the ground up.
What People Are Saying About the Podcast:
The podcast is full of ACTIONABLE CONTENT you can use in your business today. Jason and Pili do a fantastic job finding high level guests and asking great questions. Definitely worth your time and then some! 
- Greg Dickerson
I love that Jason and Pili are sharing a positive message from different real estate mentors perspectives. You can't get enough positivity in your life. Definitely worth a listen if you are into real estate and inspiring messages.
- Andy Mac Farland
LOVE Jason and Pili! They have great infectious energy and interview top notch guests! I would recommend The Real Estate Foundation Podcast to anyone who wants to grow an REI business.
- Justin Williams
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