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Marc Weisi
"The Multifamily Foundations course has provided myself and my business partner with the confidence we needed to scale our business and take our investing to the next level! Jason and Pili have given us the blueprint to super-charge our business; whether it is building our team, underwriting, or deal-finding, they're with us every step of the way. I truly believe that this course is for anyone looking to speed up their learning curve within the multifamily investment space."

Gonzalo Trenosky
"We decided to start the journey with them and I can tell you I'm very happy with how supportive and knowledgeable they are in there field. It has given us confidence with underwriting deals, they helped in selecting a market that was right for us and ultimately resulted in submitting various offers. With their help we are realizing that investing in multi-family apartment buildings can be a reality and we could not have done it without Jason and Pili, we highly recommend their program"
Bernard Hendricks
I've been working with Jason and Pili for 5 months and it has been great. They have a great system that keeps you on track and hold you accountable. I love the weekly calls because they keep you motivated and Jason and Pili challenge you to do more. Jason and Pili definitely are knowledgable in all areas of real estate. They also answer all my questions ... about a deal or something and they answer the same day. I'm so glad they are part of my team 

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